Friday, August 8, 2008

Ronald Cassoni - Bio of the Week

My last post on Sergeant Larry Walls reminded me of another one of my favorite Bio Reviews, Ron Cassoni. A few of the many highlights from his bio follow. (Those are my words, not his. Like many super-accomplished people, I found Ron to be very unassuming and down-to-earth.) The first and last sentences are my favorites, and illustrate the numerous reasons I found him to be such a like-able guy.

About Ron Cassoni...

Favorite Business Motto: One good thing about working in the business world is that no one dies by the decisions we make.”

1975 - Commissioned as a Marine Officer, serving on Active Duty until 1986. Chosen to form the Marine Corps Anti-Terrorist Command in 1979 as a Captain. Served in a special operations role for most of my career, and in the Marine Corps Reserve until medically retired in 2008. Achieved rank of Lieutenant Colonel. I attribute my business tactics to the basic Marine Corps theme of initiating, adapting and overcoming all obstacles.

1992 – At Dell, grew revenue 127% and was the first company in history to go from $950M to over $2B in one year. Of this $2B, the Federal line generated in excess of $800M, $125M of which was generated in the last 2 weeks of the year! (Nothing the sales force likes better than a little year-end pressure!)

Acted in an advisory role to the incoming Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee on terrorist organizations and methods.

Board Member of the Austin Film Festival, and an Advisory Member of the Texas Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation. I helped establish Chefs for AIDs Research, a series of private dinners across Austin that now generates over $1M during the two-evening dine in.

And finally...

I have two daughters who started a new school the same day. One started kindergarten and the other started college! I drove them both.


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Tanya Cassoni said...
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