Monday, April 14, 2008

Robert Allen - Bio of the Week

I truly enjoyed getting to know Robert Allen through my bio review process. It's immediately apparent that he is a hard-working and deservedly successful businessman, as well as a devoted family man.

Robert and his brother, Gary, have a new company, LUMA Resources, that is getting rave reviews in the renewable energy resources industry. (You can see one of their solar energy products in action on this YouTube video.) Congratulations, Robert, your dad would be very proud.

Here'a little bit more about Robert...

Robert Allen is an experienced businessman who co-owns LUMA Resources and Allen Brothers Inc. with his brother, Gary. Robert and Gary Allen have been business partners since 1986, when they inherited the roofing company their father, Don, started in 1950.

As a boy growing up Robert spent his summers working for his father and learning trade secrets from the expert. By the time Don Allen retired and turned the company over to his sons he had built his roofing company’s name reputation up to the highest quality standard for workmanship in his industry. Robert remembers many long, hard summer days working with his father, who was known to tear down a job that was just finished because it wasn’t quite right.

Robert said the first thing you’d see was the look on his face, then the words "Okay, boys now you can tear those shingles back off and put new ones back on and get them straight this time."

Robert has been married to Nicole Allen for 26 years. They have three grown children who are all currently attending college. Robert and Nicole have attended the same church their entire married lives, where Nicole works as the bookkeeper.

Robert has many hobbies outside of work and family, including playing tennis, fly fishing, scuba diving, upland bird hunting and gardening. He also takes pride in his talent for amateur photography.

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